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Module 8 – assessment and evaluating

This week’s reading really got me thinking about how other countries view and implement their educational systems. I know there are a lot of resources for this subject, and just in our class I found a study comparing how technologically … Continue reading

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Module 7 – Organizing, Managing, One-to-One, Producing and Presenting

Our team workshop project really took off this week as we finished our syllabus, supplemental documents, and individual PowerPoint’s presentations aimed at the different phases of the class. I had never used PowerPoint before, so that was a good experience. … Continue reading

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SPU-EDTC 6536 – Module 5, Games and Virtual Environments

In my reflection this week I’d like to discuss the 2 biggest things that stood out to me this week in studying about games and virtual environments in the classroom. First is my fascination of Ender’s Game (Card, 1985). Secondly … Continue reading

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SPU-EDTC 6536 – Module 2 – Social Bookmarking, Wiki’s, & Edutopia

I felt a lot more comfortable with some of the resources in our module 3 reading and videos. Two of the videos “Social Bookmarking in Plain English” and “Wikis in Plain English” both created by Lee LeFever (2007) were excellent … Continue reading

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SPU-EDTC 6536 – Module 1 Reflections-Technology & SE

After finishing week one of Instructional Technology and Information Management the main thing I learned was that I am not even scratching the surface in my knowledge and implementation of technological resources available. Several of the Module 1 readings and … Continue reading

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