Module 8 – assessment and evaluating

This week’s reading really got me thinking about how other countries view and implement their educational systems. I know there are a lot of resources for this subject, and just in our class I found a study comparing how technologically apt Chinese teachers were compared to America (, and this week there was an article “Integrating Technology into K-12 Teaching and Learning,” which wrote about Singapore’s plan to introduce more technology into their classrooms.

As usual, another thought is how this week’s topics affect teachers in the special education field, and I think this week is especially pertinent. First off assessment in the SE classroom is a constant and needed tool to help the teachers improve and adapt lessons plans and IEPs (Individualized Educational Plans) for students with disabilities. Another topic this week was professional development for educators, which is also necessary for teaching in the SE environment due to the constant change of technology, definitions, and techniques. The challenge will be adapting the rubrics and assessment plans to fit the special education environment because I haven’t seen any resources that speak to that specifically.

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3 Responses to Module 8 – assessment and evaluating

  1. James, you bring up a good point about special needs students and the need for constant assessment. I’m not sure how technology in the classroom will impact this, but as we find more uses for ed tech, I think you may find some help. If nothing else, the blogs and websites will be sources of commentary and research on the topic. The technology we’ve learned in this class becomes a way to aggregate the information and perhaps accumulate blogs and sites that would be of inspiration/resources. Good luck!

  2. acreeden says:

    The topic of school internationally is an interesting one. I have a few friends from Europe, and their experiences are definitely different. While we were in England last year, my boyfriend’s cousin was having a hard time trying to decide whether he was going to take the more rigorous or less rigorous educational track in their high school equivalent. Each culminates in a high stakes test. It was a big choice because at the age of 16 or 17 he was making a choice that would affect his happiness for the next 2 years, but then also his university opportunities and potential job opportunities for the rest of his life. This is later than the elementary school age that you talk about in your post, but it’s still young to say “This choice will affect you’re whole future.”

  3. Dr. J says:

    James – I’m so glad to read of your takeaways from the course. I trust that you’ve recognized the value in technology not only when used appropriately in the classroom but in how you can leverage technology, both personally as well as professionally, to save time and help you be more effective in your own professional development. I wish you all the best! ~ Dr. J

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