Student Teaching Internship Reflection – Week #11


This week was fairly typical. My students did well, and the lessons were effective. We let the students have input on rearranging the classroom with the forethought that there wasn’t too much time left in the year, but it seems to be working very well. This reminds me to help the students advocate for themselves as much as possible to help them develop independent skills and to help with motivation in the classroom.

Some of the bigger challenges this week revolved around preparing for graduation and certification. I finished my STLP meta-reflections and I also gave a partner presentation on team management in the classroom. Both of these projects required plenty of preparation and time, which were excellent learning opportunities, but it was nice to finish them and focus on my classroom.

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One Response to Student Teaching Internship Reflection – Week #11

  1. sandrac4753 says:

    You have done well, I enjoyed watching you work with the entire group. You really have an excellent disposition for students with special needs.

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