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SPU-EDTC 6536 – WebQuest in the SE classroom

In my weekly reflections I tend to observe how the modules could affect teaching in a special education environment, and I think WebQuest might be very useful in the SE classroom. This is a technology that can be adapted to … Continue reading

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EDTC 6536 – Module 3, Plargiarism & copyrighting

This week in EDTC we studied different kinds of copyright infringement, and found ways to avoid it. I know that plagiarism happens often, but I think that a lot of it is due to confusion and ignorance of the rules … Continue reading

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SPU-EDTC 6536 – Module 2 – Social Bookmarking, Wiki’s, & Edutopia

I felt a lot more comfortable with some of the resources in our module 3 reading and videos. Two of the videos “Social Bookmarking in Plain English” and “Wikis in Plain English” both created by Lee LeFever (2007) were excellent … Continue reading

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SPU-EDTC 6536 – Module 1 Reflections-Technology & SE

After finishing week one of Instructional Technology and Information Management the main thing I learned was that I am not even scratching the surface in my knowledge and implementation of technological resources available. Several of the Module 1 readings and … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Class

My first PowerPoint, which is a glimpse into several first hand accounts of having ADHD. through-the-looking-class

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Hello brave new world?

My first post

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