Student Teaching Internship Reflection – Week #8

Welcome to week 8 of my student teaching. This week was a good solid week with my students. We continued our abstract non-fiction trend for writing by working on dragons as a topic. I used several vantage points, such as Komodo dragons, Western dragons, and Eastern dragons. The students really latched on to the Eastern dragons subjects and did some very good writing. I started to introduce counting backwards to my math group to prepare them for learning subtraction, and they have been doing very well. I will be taking this step very slowly because the step between counting backwards and the concept of subtraction is a difficult one, so I will be trying to introduce as many manipulatives and concrete examples as possible. Another subject that I took note of was my daily working within the resource room. I take a group for reading and writing each day, but for the most part my part of the class has been to assist the teacher. I started realizing the importance of the resource room lately, and how the group of students so diverse academically and behaviorally. This is a area that I had not considered, but our main resource room teacher is very skilled, and I see the effect she has on a wide variety of ages and levels. I think this is a very challenging position, but I could learn a lot from her and I would enjoy the opportunity to work with someone like her.

This week was very eventful for me career wise as well. I attended my first Education job fair, and it was very diverse for me and extremely helpful to acclimate myself to this industry. In the last 3 years I have been in the mindset of learning and trying to become to the best teacher I could be, so my entrance to this arena was unusual in trying learning the aspect of getting an actual get a job in the field. This is not to say that it was a negative experience or that the professionals were any less concerned with learning, but rather that it was a new occurrence for me. One area of the job search that is not so positive is the online application process. I realize that the pool of teaching professionals is very large, and the want and need of modern uses to sort and reduce the large numbers of applicants is probably necessary, but the system is very unintuitive and sometimes frustrating. I realize that that it can be an efficient filter for applicants, but in the end I would really just want to show a potential school what I can offer.

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