Student Teaching Internship Reflection – Week #6

This week was my spring break, so after taking some time to be with my family I started on the TPA task templates. This was not my favorite part of the TPA process, and after working on the lessons and lesson plans last week this was an extremely time consuming section. I realize that planning, preparation, and paperwork are an integral part of teaching but I felt my greatest learning experiences were when I was working with the students.

Now I am looking forward to concentrating on my lessons, and starting to work on an Individual Education Programs (IEP), which will be very informative and useful in the future. Another task I am going to be working on is a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), which are two important items when addressing behaviors in a special education classroom.

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One Response to Student Teaching Internship Reflection – Week #6

  1. sandrac4753 says:

    I know these two projects will give you some great experience.

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