Student Teaching Internship Reflection – Week #5

This was my TPA week, and of course my first day was the perfect storm. It was a Monday and it seemed like every student had a rough weekend. The five students in my group had a tough time concentrating, and one student had several periods during my Handwriting lesson she would completely shut down. On the bright side they all did very well for the rest of the week. I figured they just needed to get it out of their system. Not to say that I didn’t have the typical challenges, which I noticed reviewing my video of day two, and saw one student who would stop working and stare into space as soon as I turned my head to help a different student. Finally toward the middle of the lesson I realized that he really like a stuffed monkey (Madrill) that I had been using as a tactile interest for the group, and when I used it as a reward to stay on task and finish his work he did a good job on his writing. I did find it revealing to watch myself on video and critique what I did well and what I could have done better. It also gave me more insight into what strategies could work better with most students.

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2 Responses to Student Teaching Internship Reflection – Week #5

  1. sandrac4753 says:

    I know you did well. This is what happens daily and weekly as we teach. What is important is our reflection and adjustments so we are effectively teaching.

  2. sandrac4753 says:

    I know you did well. Robust is what teaching is all about. We must continually reflect on and evaluate so that we teach effectively. If our students do not learn and progress, then we really did not teach.

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