Student Teaching Internship Reflection – Week #3

This last week was as busy as ever, and I ramping up with doing more lesson plans each week. My math group was very interesting this week because I am realizing the polarity within the group. I also realized how profound some of their learning disabilities are. One student for instance has several comorbid disabilities, but one of the more subtle challenges she faces is a short term memory issue. In some ways it is reminiscent of ADHD expect that she is paying attention, but she will forget what has been taught within minutes of the instruction. She has such a positive demeanor so it is disheartening and positive at the same time to work with her. I need to review constantly and provide a lot of positive reinforcement, which is helpful with the others in the group as well.

To accomplish some observation and participation in other classrooms I am co-teaching for a small group in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) once a day. This has been an insightful look into other students in the school since there are several general education students in the group. Several of these students are “at-risk,” so it has been interesting to see the early interventions within our school. It is for reading and handwriting, and most of the students perform well in this regimented curriculum, Systematic Instruction in Phoneme Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words (SIPPS). I have one student from my classroom in this group, and he is much more motivated to go to a new setting and work than he normally is in our classroom.

Overall the week went well as I try to implement my coordinators feedback into my instruction. I’m trying to focus on teaching moments and giving clear instruction before independent and group work. This allows the student to discover the subject before I show examples and then let them work on it themselves; tell me, show me, let me (TSL?). Oddly enough this is similar to how we organized instruction while I was a training instructor in the military, but we called it: explanation, demonstration, and practical application. I think TSL is much more appropriate phrasing for my students!

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