EDU 6120 – Week 2 “The Week in Review”

Starting off this week I read the excerpt from “Schooling and Education” (Ellis), and thought it was a good combination with the other paper regarding Paideia. Ellis thoughtfully spells out the difference between Education and Schooling, and seems to point out that we are all in some way lifetime learners.

I really enjoy reading about history, and now early philosophers and teachers are especially interesting. To be honest though the Nichomachean Ethics, Book I (Aristotle, 384-322 B.C.) was not my favorite part. I think I had a decent grasp on the overall concept of being good in relationship to Dr. Sheuerman’s speaking of creating good citizens. Aristotle speaks on the different traits learned and inherent to people, and the importance of being good. Of course my ignorance of early literature is mainly to blame for my difficulty in reading this section, which leads to my lack of enthusiasm. I’m sure I will be getting more practice at deciphering script such as this, and hopefully find ways to relate to the content.

I had not read Plato’s Cave: “On Breaking the Chains of Ignorance” before, but I have heard the reference to the analogy before, and I found it intriguing. The beginning was like a puzzle for me, and trying to figure out what he was referring to with the shadows, and after reading deeper I think it could come to symbolize an array of different applications. The first things that come to mind are education and theology, but it could represent anything in the universe that can be looked at with an open mind, or “see the sun.” In the end he seems to go even further to illustrate how a person’s body and soul need to work together with learning to become “the good.”

One a different note I had my first experience with SPU’s amazing library, and as much as ancient scripts are not my strength, I do fancy libraries. I’ve already taken advantage of having our librarian and tour guide Cyndy as a book reference and APA researcher. She has been a great help already, and I look forward to learning more about researching with journals and databases.

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One Response to EDU 6120 – Week 2 “The Week in Review”

  1. deryuen says:


    I loved reading your reflection from this last week. It’s so reassuring and refreshing to hear your honest perspective. I’m personally not a huge fan of ancient Greek writing, mostly because what I read in high school was tedious and required, and when you’re 15, there’s nothing worse. Now being older and having a better grasp on the symbolism and importance of the texts, I had a much greater appreciation for Plato’s “The Cave”–especially in its regards to its application as an educator. I look forward to reading more from you.

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